Helpful Advice for Your Safety Driving this Winter

It is very important to get your seasonal maintenance taken care of before the winter season arrives. But a word of advice that can be of great help to you during this very tricky and dangerous season is to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. It is of the utmost importance that your vehicle is in peak condition for this inclement weather, but it is equally important to have the necessary equipment in case of an accident.

If you have not purchased an emergency kit, then we highly recommend doing so. What these kits should include will be items that will help you during long nights stuck in the cold. These items will include, but are not limited to, gloves, boots, blankets, chains, flares and a small shovel. They are available to purchase here at BMW of Anchorage today. If you have not prepared your seasonal maintenance, then we highly recommend that you schedule a service appointment with our team today.

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