Choosing the Correct Tire for Winter Weather

Here at BMW of Anchorage, we want to make sure you have the chance to enjoy the very best performance from your vehicle, whether it is a truck, SUV, sedan, or sports car. The needs of drivers can vary greatly in this regard, and correct tires on your vehicle are critical, as braking times and distances can be seriously affected when the wrong tires are installed.

Our technicians are often asked the question, "Which tire do I need?" and have the skills to provide the correct answer. If driving in an environment with heavy snow or ice, we believe a high-quality winter tire should be chosen, which have a greater number of slits in the tread to ensure the most grip on slippery road surfaces. Our team of technicians believes choosing winter tires should be done with a set of four tires always purchased to ensure the safety of a vehicle at all times.

We welcome you to find the right set of winter tires for your BMW model with the help of our parts team today!

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