Avoiding Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts that occur while driving down the road pose a real risk to vehicle occupants. An unexpected tire failure on the front end, in particular, has the potential for serious vehicle damage and injury if an accident should occur. However, the problem is easily prevented if vehicle owners take the time to check their tires routinely. Wheel misalignment or improperly inflated tires cause uneven wear, which makes them more susceptible to failure. Tires should be rotated to make sure they wear evenly.

Tire pressure is quickly checked using a simple tire gauge. As pressure tends to fluctuate monthly and with extreme weather changes, vehicle owners should play it safe and provide routine pressure checks. Look for possible cracking along the sidewalls, unusual bulging or bubbles. If present, the tire is weakened and needs replacement. If seeing a problem with one or more tires, schedule an inspection at BMW of Anchorage garage.

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