Hot or Cold: Temperatures Hinder Your Battery's Charge

Do you ever notice that your battery takes longer to charge up in colder months? It is not a coincidence. The chemicals inside of your battery are sensitive to temperature. During winter months, it may be more difficult for your battery to charge up electrons, especially if it is an older battery that has been depleted of energy. Your battery has to work extra hard to charge the alternator when the temperatures drop.

However, other issues cause batteries to grow faulty under heat. Chemicals may hurt up and explode or acid may leak through the connectors, causing corrosion. If you experience this, you may be able to use a can of soda to clean it, but over time, a battery will continue to leak once you start to notice the acid left on the top of the battery.

In both of these cases, you should check your battery and upgrade it to one that has a high CCA rating. You can pick up a battery for a great rate in our service center here at BMW of Anchorage located in Anchorage, AK.

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