The Power of the Race Track Brought Home: BMW M Model

Race cars are some of the safest, most high-performance vehicles on the planet. They require high-power, fuel-efficient turbo engines, precise steering for high-velocity, accurate control, sleek, aerodynamic design and the highest safety precautions imaginable. If they didn’t meet these standards, they simply couldn’t race.

People in Anchorage looking for that kind of power and performance used to be pretty much out of luck – a race car is ridiculously expensive and not street-legal. BMW decided to change that by bringing us the M Model – literally a race car designed for street use.

Along with a top of the line, spacious cabin, the M Model brings all the power of the world’s best race cars to you, at a reasonable cost and complete street-legality.

If you want the performance, precision and safety once reserved only for daring racers, the M Model should be right up your alley. Come visit us at BMW of Anchorage today for a test drive.

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