Keep Your Vehicle Healthy with Motor Oil Changes

The best way to keep your vehicle healthy and running a long time is by changing the oil regularly. With so many motor oil myths around, it’s hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. We at BMW of Anchorage are here to answer all your motor oil questions. Stop and visit us today.

You may have heard myths like oil must be changed every 3,000 miles and automatically before you go on a long trip. The oil should be changed from 3,000 to 7,000 depending on what your owner’s manual recommends. If that time will come up while in the middle of the trip, it’s fine to change it. If not, you can wait until you return.

If you still have some concerns about motor oil and what your vehicle needs, visit our service center in Anchorage, AK and let our technicians advise you or set you up on a schedule for regular oil changes.

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