BMW 2 Series Overview

Want to check out the latest BMW 2 Series? Drivers are saying that it’s one of the most powerful luxury small cars on the market. This is because of its all new design from the German auto manufacturer that has been finely turning the next generation of BMWs. The latest engine comes with 248 horsepower at base. You can choose between RWD and AWD, and the interior is quite stylish and sporty.

Most drivers have ranked the 2 Series highly for its interior, performance, and safety. The sporty handling makes for a very smooth drive, but it’s the additional space in the trunk and the infotainment technology that are making this a great purchase for those who want an affordable yet economy vehicle. The BMW 2 series gets up to 35 miles per gallon the highway. In addition, there are a variety of different monitoring and safety tools that come with the 2 Series, including upgrades like blind spot monitoring, lane departure warnings, and parking assists.

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