What is the Seating Like in the BMW 2 Series?

The BMW 2 Series is a two-door compact vehicle that seats for four occupants. While the front seats have ample space for occupants, the rear seats are designed for children, which goes along with the format of a two-door compact vehicle.

The two front seats are sports seats with extra padding to keep the riders comfortable during the accelerated turns and twists of which the BMW 2 Series is capable. The driver’s seat offers a 10-way power adjustment capability while the front passenger seat has a two-way manual adjustment feature. The legroom of the front and rear seats are drastically different with 41.5-inches available up front and only 33.0-inches open in the rear.

Whether driving in Anchorage, AK or along the highway, the seating in a BMW 2 Series is designed with the safety of the passenger in mind. Ask your maintenance personnel at BMW of Anchorage for more information.

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