Get Fresh Air While Driving a BMW 4 Series Convertible

The BMW 4 Series Convertible is a car that you'll enjoy driving on sunny days in Anchorage as it has a retracting top. When the top is down, cool air circulates around passengers, and everyone will feel the air very quickly after the car accelerates from a stoplight or stop sign because the engine helps the vehicle reach 60 mph in under a minute.

If you drive the 4 Series Convertible around steep curves, you'll maintain handling. The car won't sway easily because it's equipped with a sporty handling system. After the automobile exits a curve, the TwinPower Turbo hardware gradually increases the engine's climbing speed. The vehicle frame's design helps out during this process by moving air around the automobile. Wind resistant doesn't slow this car down since the frame's low center of gravity prevents drag.

BMW of Anchorage proudly sells BMW 4 Series Convertibles to locals in many neighborhoods and communities. If you buy this automobile, you'll stay cool and travel in style throughout the spring and summer.

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