Optimize Safety with Your Next Set of Winter Tires

At BMW of Anchorage, our customer's safety is a top priority. If you're in the market for winter tires in Anchorage, AK, getting the right type is essential to optimize safety.

Studded snow and ice tires have metal studs housed inside the tread for increased traction. If the metal studs are in use when the roads are clear, they can lead to damage, so you should only use them on ice or snow. Studdable tires are restricted in many states and only allowed for use during the winter months in a few states.

Studless tires are popular because they offer just as much traction as studded tires but don't cause damage to the road. These tires remain flexible in freezing temperatures, and they have deep tread that can move slush and snow out from under the tires. The small slits in the tread can also help with braking, decelerating, and accelerating on icy surfaces. Performance winter tires are made to provide you with improved traction on ice-covered roads.

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