The letter "W" and the preceding and following numbers might mean little to the average driver. However, the indicators on a container of motor oil reflect an important bit of information. The letter/number combo refers to the viscosity ratings.

Low-viscosity oil works best in colder temperatures, while high-viscosity oil fits hot temperatures. Correctly matching viscosity to the seasons ensures your car's engine has the appropriate oil running through it at all times.

You do want the engine oil to flow smoothly, so nothing gums up the works or causes other problems. Sludge buildups and unnecessary friction aren't helpful. Knowing essential care-related info, such as proper viscosity selections, could make the engine work a little better. Engine problems can lead to severe consequences, which is why you want to avoid them.

Do you need help selecting the right oil or have another maintenance question? The service department at BMW of Anchorage in Anchorage, AK is available for assistance.

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