Coolant System Knowledge

You must know a little bit about your vehicle's coolant system and radiator so that you can know what to do when it comes time for service.

Simple Coolant System Maintenance

The first and most important order of servicing your coolant system is to always make sure the coolant reservoir is topped off with fluid. It is normal to lose a little bit of coolant in the hot summer months especially if your car has a turbo.

Extended Radiator Maintenance

Every couple of years it's a good idea to have a coolant flush performed at places like BMW of Anchorage to keep the coolant running smoothly through your engine and radiator.

Overheating Problems? Fix Them at BMW of Anchorage

Cars overheat; it's part of life. If you are having car troubles bring your vehicle to our dealership in the Anchorage, AAK area. We'll fix you up and get you back on the road.

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